Release Day!

The Last Look is officially released! It was one hell of a long road getting here, but it was worth it. Much love to Bleeding Edge Books for putting it out and to every one of you fine folks who decides to pick up a copy. Happy reading!

Check it out here:

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The Last Look is Available for Pre-Order!

The day has finally come! My novella, The Last Look is now available for pre-order on Kindle with its release proper on the platform coming March 4h. I really hope you guys dig this one, and a million thanks to anyone kind enough to drop a review!

Check it out here:

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A First Look at The Last Look

Things on The Last Look are moving ahead nicely. I just sent the edits back to the publisher today, and I have the book’s cover available for you fine folks to check out. Needless to say, I can’t wait to get this one out to you all.

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Another Book Finds a Home

Hi folks,

So, as you can probably gather from the title, I’ve got more good news on the publishing front. My novella “The Last Look” has found a home with Bleeding Edge Books! Needless to say, I’m very excited to get this story of mine to you all. I’ll continue to update you on progress as it occurs. Until then, cheers!

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A Poem and Announcement

It’s been a while since I last posted here, but I’ve got some good news to report. Firstly, my poem “The Gate” is available to read for free over at Witch House Magazine (as is the whole issue). You can check it out here:

And in truly crazy news, I have officially sold my short story collection “The Neonate and Other Anomalies” to the good folks at Cemetery Dance! Needless to say, I’m still reeling in a bit of shock from that one. If all goes well, the book should become available in 2024. I’ll keep you posted.

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Wind Chill 99-cent Sale

Hey folks,

Wind Chill is officially out of Kindle Unlimited but is now available on Crystal Lake’s site proper–and on sale for 99 cents! Grab it while you can…

Direct purchases through the publisher mean more money in authors’ pockets, so I recommend doing so whenever possible.

In other good news, the (very) Lovecraft-inspired poem I had picked up by Hypnos Magazine is also available in Volume 9 Issue 2, so give that a look here if you’re so inclined:

Happy reading.

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Wind Chill 99-Cent Sale!

Wind Chill is on sale for a mere 99 cents on Amazon. Snap it up while you can! Soon after, it’ll also be available on Crystal Lake Publishing’s storefront.…

I also had a poem accepted for publication in the upcoming fall issue of Hypnos Magazine. I’ll drop a link to the issue here when it becomes available.

Meanwhile, the wait on (two) of the books I submitted four months ago continues…

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In super-cool news, my wife, Hannah is adapting The Untimely Deaths of Daryl Handy (retitled Splinterview) over at Webtoon for a contest. Go check it out and rate it if you like what you see!


Meanwhile, I’m subbing a new novella (Embrace the Dark) out at some point over the next couple weeks… in addition to a new short story collection and The Last Look. Let’s hope at least one of them survives the slush pile.

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I’m in the Deep End

Here’s an interview I did with Crystal Lake Publishing. Check it out if you’d like any additional insight into my weirdness.

Interview Link

In other news, I just finished rounding out the short story section of a collection. That leaves me clear to start work on a new novella next week. Meanwhile, you can check out my newest, Flash Frost, over here:

ePub on various sites:

Wind Chill on paperback or Kindle:

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Flash Frost Free Across All Platforms

Flash Frost is finally free across all reading platforms (or at least the vast majority, anyway). Check it out!

It’s a short read, but I had a blast writing it. If you enjoy it, I suggest checking out Wind Chill for a lengthier visit with an evil from the same source (and you even get several bonus short stories to entertain you after it’s done).

Wind Chill on Amazon

Happy reading.

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