Short Stories:

  • A Touch of the Divine-History Is Dead
  • The Forgotten House-Withersin’s Unkindness Anthology v1
  • Alhazred-Lovecraft’s Disciples #12
  • The Enemy of my Enemy-Monstrous
  • An Allure Forgotten-Shroud Magazine #6
  • With Open Arms-The Bitter End
  • One Hunch is as Good as Another-Alien Aberrations
  • The Jaws of the Jackal-The Scroll of Anubis
  • Heir to a Vacant Throne-Tales From the Void
  • The Grove-Horrorology
  • Best Served Hot-Baconology
  • Flash Frost-Cystal Lake Publishing

Flash Fiction:

  • The Pack-Northern Haunts
  • The Vigil on the Banks-Northern Haunts
  • The Decoy-Northern Haunts
  • A Final Duty-Zombology II
  • The Last Crunch of Autumn-52 Stitches vol. 2


  • Missing…Verne?-Death Rattle Magazine #1
  • A Bonfire Hymn-Terror of Miskatonic Falls (forthcoming)
  • The Gutter Priest-Terror of Miskatonic Falls (forthcoming)
  • A Trip to Bobby’s Bar-Terror of Miskatonic Falls (forthcoming)

Books I’ve Proofread:

  • Black Mariah: A Calling-Richard Finney
  • The Wind Raider – Part One-Richard Finney
  • The Three Egos-David Dunwoody (forthcoming)
  • 16 Secrets Revealed by Professional Screenwriters-Richard Finney
  • Downfall-Michael S. Gardner (forthcoming)


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