Wind Chill is Finally on Kindle!

Well, it took a little extra time, but Wind Chill is finally up on Kindle. Amazon had a little trouble getting it up and running for some reason. As an apology, we’re making it available for 99 cents to the first 150 buyers! Go grab it now while it’s cheap!

And if you’re an old schooler like me, the paperback is naturally still available, too (ignore the “out of stock” message; it’s bull):

Wind Chill

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Wind Chill’s Launch Day is Here!

At long last, Wind Chill is ready for purchase.


There’s been a slight delay with the Kindle version, but it *should* be available within 24 hours at a special release price of 99 cents (I’ll make a quick update here when I notice it’s up).

Meanwhile, the paperback is up and ready to go. Just disregard the “temporarily out of stock message.” It’s totally inaccurate as the book is print on demand.

Get yours here:

Wind Chill

And you can learn more about Wind Chill on its page over at Crystal Lake Publishing:

This book has been a long time in the works. I hope you all enjoy the hell out of it. And extra love to any of you readers out there who drop a review or spread the word. Rest assured, you are very much appreciated.

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My Muse…

is a tad insane. You can learn all about her over here:

And there’s yet another great review of Wind Chill over on Beneath the Underground courtesy of David J. Sharp

Wind Chill becomes available in both paperback and ebook starting tomorrow, with the latter on sale for a mere 99 cents. I’ll let you all know the moment I see the book go live in both categories.

Less than 24 hours to go now. Zero hour has arrived.

Wind Chill

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A New Blurb and Review

Today’s new blurb comes by way of Douglas Draa, editor of Weirdbook Magazine:

“Wind Chill is a genuine page turner that will leave you cold, ravenous and scared as Patrick Rutigliano breathes new life into an old legend.”

And there’s a new review for you to check out courtesy of Horror Maiden’s Book Reviews:

Things are really rolling on the book as we head ever closer to the release date proper. Just one more full day to go now (since I’m getting to this post a little late).

And I *should* have a special bonus post for you all tomorrow, too…

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Wind Chill on Tina’s Bookcase

A very nice review of Wind Chill from Tina Marie of Tina’s Bookcase:

This was actually Wind Chill’s first review. As it came well in advance of the release, I actually got my order mixed up when I made that post yesterday and had to edit it (totally my bad on that).

At any rate, just a couple more days to go until the release. And I’ve been told the ebook version is going to be on sale for a mere 99 cents Friday and Saturday, so snag that sucker cheap while you can!

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Wind Chill’s Second Review

Wind Chill’s second review (the first will be shared tomorrow) came by way of, courtesy of Paula Limbaugh.

You can check out the full write up here:

I’m quite happy special mention was made of the bonus short stories included in the book. Amusingly, many of them were shortlisted at various pro markets but never accepted. Disappointing at the time, but they’re on a whole other level now thanks to some extra beta reading and editing.


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Blurb Number Two

And another very nice blurb for Wind Chill:

“Patrick Rutigliano’s “Wind Chill” is a nice blend of old world meets new when an ancient myth comes to life for a modern doomsday prepper. Come for the title story and stay for more of Rutigliano’s bleak short pieces. This is a good little bundle of terror in one sick package.” –Mercedes M. Yardley, author of Little Dead Red.

Only five more days to go now…

Wind Chill

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