I enjoy writing the occasional informative article in addition to fiction. Each one will be included on this page after it is posted.

“ly” Adverb Overuse
A Grammar and Punctuation Lesson
A Tough Sell: Going it Alone
A(nother) Grammar and Punctuation Lesson
Balancing Excess
Becoming a Writer
Blasting Through Writer’s Block
Book Series
Choosing a Crew
Choosing a Format
Coping with Rejection
Cover Art
Don’t Sell Yourself Short
Easy Ebook Formatting Tips
Eliminating Omniscience
Engaging the Senses
Ensemble Issues
The Hard Truths of Being a Writer
How I Came to Horror (and Why I Stayed)
Ignoring Inspiration
Kicking Out the Crutch
New Teeth for Old Monsters
Pacing a Story
Polishing Your Book for Publication
Red Flags
Setting and Mood
Some Words on Women
Strong Female Characters
(Stupid) Author Meltdowns
Take it with a Grain of Salt
The Character-Driven vs Plot-Driven Debate
The Importance of Self-Editing
The Only Good Reason
The Pros and Cons of Outlining
The Roots of Horror
Toppling Tropes
Traditional Publishing vs Self-Publishing
What to Expect When Submitting a Book
When Publishers Implode
Where is Horror Going?
Why a Writer (Always) Needs an Editor
Why Write Horror Fiction?
Writerly Faux-Pas
Writing Action
Writing Dialogue
Writing Numbers
Writing Protagonists
Writing Villains
Writing, Introversion, and Public Image
Writing: The Toughest Medium