Blasting Through Writer’s Block

Today, I think I’ll address a problem that plagues every writer at some point: writer’s block. Nothing is more frustrating than having your creative process turn on you and make what you love to do a pain in the ass. Fortunately, there is one surefire way to deal with the problem.

Fucking write.

There is a large chunk of the writing community that believes good words only flow from a writer when he or she is feeling inspired. And believe me, I used to be a part of it. If I didn’t feel like writing, if the words weren’t coming easily, I’d sit on a piece and wait until some great phrase or twist struck me upside the head. And you know what? That was damn lazy of me.

Writing is like any other skill. Hours upon hours of practice are required to become proficient, and waiting around for inspiration is only going to cost precious time that could be used to hone your abilities. Sure, you can do other things to help you out in the process. Play some music, take a break with dinner and watch a great movie, or just go blow off some steam–as long as it’s not when you’re supposed to be writing (well, except maybe for the music).

And that piece that’s kicking your ass? That you can’t figure out? Plow through the part that’s troubling you as best you can or move to a part that is clicking with you. Because hell, we all know first drafts are never up to snuff, anyway. You can fix it later.


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