And the Promotion Begins

Now that Wind Chill is through editing, I’ve been hitting up a number of podcasts and blogs to get the word out. I’ve already got a few bites, so you can rest assured I’ll keep you all updated on when these appearances become available. I’m also expecting to see the first cover mock ups within a week or so, and I’m rather excited to see how those turn out.

In other news, The Last Look is back from my chief beta-reader. As expected, it’s rougher than I would like given the hellacious production process it suffered, but still an acceptable rough draft. I think I’ll shoot for the end of the month as a respectable deadline by which to hammer it into shape.


About prutigli

Patrick Rutigliano grew up on a steady diet of comic books and horror movies. Making his first sale to Permuted press in 2007, he has since placed stories with several publications in addition to his first collection, Black Corners of a Blood-Red Room. The Untimely Deaths of Daryl Handy is his first independent release. During his off time, Patrick can usually be found attempting to recreate foreign cuisine, sacrificing cardboard to his cats, and having spirited debates with his wife over the failings of Disney villains.
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